What Is Extended Education?

Similarly, What is the meaning of extended education?

According to the editors of the recently formed Journal for Extended Education, the phrase “extended education” refers to a variety of public or private educational systems. The social, emotional, and intellectual development of kids and teens is the main emphasis of these activities and programs.

Also, it is asked, Do not have any extended education means?

There is a gap between grades 10 and 11 due to extended schooling. It also means that HSE took more than two years to complete. You cannot apply for the TCS if you fall under one of these categories. However, there will only be an interview phase if you pass the TCS-sponsored Codevita competition.

Secondly, Why is it important to further your education?

raises your take-home pay. A raise or a better beginning wage at a new job are frequent benefits of continuing education. Continuing your education will have a significant positive impact on your income, regardless of whether you get a raise or promotion at your existing employment or are hired for a new position with a higher wage.

Also, What is the another name of continuing education?

What else do you call ongoing education? continuing education lifetime learning adult education continuing education You are always learning.

People also ask, What is the minimum percentage required for TCS?

sixty percent

Related Questions and Answers

How much gap is allowed in TCS?

TCS New Hire Qualifications NQT TCS Requirements Qualification Full-time graduates from the 2022 class of B.E., B.TECH, M.E., and M.TECH programs percentage requirements 60 percent across the board for grades X, XII, UG, and PG Criteria for Active Backlog at the Time of Exam Appearance Rules for Gaps Overall Academic Career Gap may not Exceed One Year another row

Can I get job in TCS if I have backlogs?

When you show up for an interview or join, TCS just requires that you be free of any outstanding backlogs. It shouldn’t be an issue as long as you’ve cleared everything.

Is one year gap allowed in TCS?

Apart from service providers (like CTS, TCS, etc.), the majority of large enterprises only permit a 1-year gap in schooling. So it is best to avoid a gap after 12th grade in order to increase your eligibility for placements.

How many backlogs are allowed in TCS?

Only when applying for the TCS Selection process will candidates be allowed to have a maximum of two outstanding backlogs or arrears in the highest qualification. If chosen, no backlogs will be allowed when the applicant joins TCS. Within the typical course period, all outstanding backlogs should be cleared.

What is an example of continuing education?

Workshops are only a few instances of ongoing education. Seminars. collegiate courses

What are the different methods of continuing education?

expert-verified response to the query 2) Independent study. Independent study is crucial for effective learning. Research is a higher degree of study (number 4). 6) Volunteering – Another approach to learn is to volunteer. 7) Additional classes. 8) Learning a language. 9) Courses for continuing education units. 10) Renewing a professional license.

What are the characteristics of continuing education?

Answer Pragmatic. The philosophical tradition of continuing education is pragmatism. Learner-Centered. Learning, not information, is at the core of our area of study and practice. Innovative. Innovation and entrepreneurship are in our DNA. Mission-Driven. Nimble

Is 12th marks matter in TCS?

You must have received at least 60 percent of your possible career points in order to be eligible to apply for a position at TCS. Consequently, you must get a minimum of 60 percent on your 10th, 12th, and graduation exams. However, you will not be qualified to apply for a job at TCS since you did not get 60 percent of the possible points in your 10th and 12th grades.

Is 12th marks matter in placement?

You really shouldn’t drop. Most employers won’t even be concerned about your 12th-grade grades. Your grades from 12th grade will only count as a number when it comes to your eligibility to interview with employers during placements. Others businesses who use it as a criterion often maintain it around 60% or below, while some don’t even use it.

Can TCS send rejection letter?

Yes. They let the candidates know why they were declined.

Does TCS reject extended education?

Any gaps, arrears, or backlogs you may have throughout your academic career or professional experience must be disclosed. Extended education should not cause a break in the educational process. Any gap in study or employment should not last more than 24 months and is only permitted for good cause.

Which degree is best for TCS?

Bachelor’s degree in a field related to computers, such as engineering or computer science.

Can I get job after 3 year gap?

Your response While it might be challenging, it’s not impossible to find work after a significant break and without experience. You may participate in walk-in interviews; some businesses don’t take the passing year into account. You may start working as a freelancer if you have strong abilities, which I doubt after such a lengthy break.

Does Wipro allow backlogs?

In order to be eligible for the placement, you must have no current backlogs at the time of joining Wipro and a minimum aggregate score of 65 percent. By being chosen by any MNC like TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, etc., your college grades are irrelevant. However, you must not be behind in the hiring process.

Is 60 mandatory for Infosys?

the requirements for taking the INFOSYS entry-level test. The applicant must have earned at least 60% in both the 10th and 12th grades. A applicant must have a degree in computer science or information technology from a B. Tech., MCA, or M.Sc. program.

Is education gap allowed in Wipro?

The maximum amount of time between the tenth grade and graduation is three years. There can be no gaps throughout graduation. Within three years, students should graduate.

What is the qualification to join Infosys?

Academic background: Class 10th Standard: 60% or above (6 CGPA). Class 12th Standard: 60% or above (6 CGPA). 65 percent (6.5 CGPA) or above for college graduation.

How much CGPA is required for TCS?

Percentage: Passing the Class Xth, Class XIIth, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation, and Post-Graduation examinations with a minimum cumulative grade of 60 percent or a 6 CGPA is necessary.

Does Infosys allow extended education?

Yes, provided you have more than a two-year gap and a 60 percent eligibility rate. More than a two-year gap disqualifies someone.

Can I get job with backlogs?

Even if you have a backlog, you may still find work. The sole requirement is that you must pass it in order to be placed. After the choosing, some businesses provide you some time to finish the backlog.

Can I join TCS after BA?

TCS BPS eligibility Candidates must have completed their B.Com., BA, BBA, BCS, BCA, or other appropriate graduate degrees in order to be eligible for career opportunities with BPS. Only graduates from 2022 are eligible to apply for the positions. Candidates with unfinished business are ineligible.

What is TCS backlog Marksheet?

Yes, TCS will take into account your updated grade report. Your updated scores are taken into account. The revised mark sheet would be taken into consideration if a student cleared their backlogs. For the most part, TCS requires candidates to have at least 60 percent in their class 10th, class 12th, and graduation grades.

What are the five 5 common types of continuing education?

Popular forms of continuing education include: acquiring a GED. Postsecondary degrees (bachelor’s, master’s, or associate’s) Certification as a professional. Workplace Training. Military Education. Universities and corporate training. Extension Institutes. Second-language English.

What is the scope of continuing education?

goals and range. A academic publication dedicated to all facets of ongoing, ongoing, and lifelong learning is called Studies in Continuing Education. It intends to be particularly useful to individuals interested in: Learning at work and learning for work go hand in hand.

Where does continuing education occur?

Typically, a university or college’s department or distinct school for continuing education will provide continuing education courses. This has made it easier for people who desire to resume their education in order to attain specific information or skills.

What does continuing student mean?

A degree-seeking student (graduate or undergraduate) who has re-enrolled following a semester in which they were first-time degree or university students is referred to as a continuing student.


Continuing education is a process that allows individuals to continue their professional development. This can be done through formal programs or self-directed learning.

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Continuing education is important for those that are in the field of music. It can help individuals keep up with the latest technology and techniques. Reference: importance of continuing education.

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